Status of orders

Dear Customers, I am afraid I am closing down for the (un)foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus. I'm well and I hope you are too. Please don't send any slides to me (or contact me) until I start up again.

Step One: Contact me

Please email me at with any initial enquiry or details of the work you would like me to do. I can then schedule the work and make sure yours is next on the list. I will then respond to your email within 24 hours with a start date and the address to send your slides. (If I do not respond in 24 hours please phone or text me on 07939 168102).

If the date I give is acceptable to you, let me know. You should then send off your slides / negatives preferably near the start date for the work. Please do not send any payment at this stage. When the work is done I shall confirm the cost.

Please always make contact with me before sending off your slides. As a sole trader, working from home, there may rarely be times when I am away and cannot receive your package.

Step Two: Packing

It's not always clear which way round and which way up a slide should be, so I'm asking you to pack them in batches, the right way up and the viewing side to the front. Generally speaking the slide has one glossy side and one more matt side which has the emulsion on it. The glossy side is the side you view from. Some slides have nothing printed on them at all, but if they do, the glossy side may have a date and a number that appear upside down when you view the image. The matt side may have the manufacturer's logo on it. If you have them at the moment in carousels for inserting in your projector, please don't send the carousel. If you have them in heavy slideboxes it may be best to save weight in the post by taking them out of the box, bundling them in batches of say fifty and wrapping them in paper with sticky tape or elastic bands round them.

It is often the case that the order of slides is important to you. They should be put in the right order in their bundles and the bundles put in the right order. If the bundles have separate subjects such as the year or the occasion you could label it appropriately and those labels could be useful in naming the files or naming folders.

Scanning is very hands-on and manual. Since I have to view each one and turn it in a particular way to go into the scanner it is very easy to make a mistake. So the very best thing you can do to forestall such an event is number the slides individually on the viewing side. Have a look at this photo of a customer's slides. Notice that it is made clear which pictures are portrait as opposed to landscape.

If you have captions for your slides please email me a text file of your captions with the slide label and number followed by a space followed by the caption, each on a new line - so for example for the slides in the picture it could be:
E001 John's birthday party
E002 Harry
E003 The cake
Please note that I do not undertake to use any form of handwritten captions.

Once you've got you slides packaged up, include with them your name and address, but don't send any payment at this stage. I'll send an invoice when the work is done.

When I receive your package I shall send you an email immediately to let you know that it has arrived safely.

One favourite way of getting slides to me, if you don't live too far away, is to have a day out visiting Lancaster. Be sure to make a proper arrangement with me before travelling.

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A Word about Copyright

When you send your slides to me you are declaring that you own the copyright to those images. This means that you have actually taken them yourself or the owner has allowed you to send them to me. Please do not send any professionally produced transparencies that you have bought.

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Step Three: When your package arrives

What you will receive

One or more CDs or DVDs containing your photos as JPEG files or TIFF files and your invoice. I will normally post off the disks first so that you receive them as soon as possible. Because the return of your slides will often involve packing them up and visiting the post office this may only happen every week or two, so they will arrive later.

cd example

When you receive your disk of photos, please copy them onto your computer.

Flipping images

It is possible that after your best endeavours and my best endeavours you may find an image that is the wrong way round. It will then need a 'horizontal flip'. Any image editing software will have this function, which is why newspapers keep getting criticised for doing it by mistake. If you have a Windows machine you can do it in Paint. Find Rotate and from the drop-down box choose 'Flip Horizontal'. Contact me if you have any problem with this.

Back up and then back up again

So now you have one copy on the disk and one copy on the computer. Perhaps you could email me to let me now that you have copied the photos over successfully - this will give me the green light to delete my copy. It is then up to you to arrange any further backup. What you have at this stage will be enough 99 percent of the time. But hard disks do crash, CDs can suddenly be unreadable (even though I only use the best quality disks) and your original slides may deteriorate or be subject to theft flood or fire. If your photos are especially precious it may be worthwhile copying them onto another disk and asking a friend to look after them or look into online storage. Remember that if a disaster does happen I will not be able to save the day by producing my copy.


Payment may be made by:

  • Cheque. Please make your cheque payable to Slidebox.
  • Direct payment from your online bank account. Details are:
    Bank: Santander
    Account name: Slidebox
    Account number: 43380503
    Account sort code: 09-06-66

Don't be concerned if a cheque is not cashed immediately: I will normally only pay in every couple of months.

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